Specialist in credit repurchase

The job of Best Bank

The job of Best Bank

The core business of Best Bank is the grouping of loans for individuals. The bank markets credit and savings consolidation solutions mainly to households, but also to professionals.

Its range of credit buy-back offers is notably composed of two special owner offers. These are two solutions for individual owners who want to combine all their loans and who have or do not have a mortgage. There are other Best Bank offers: repurchases of credit for people in a situation of divorce, for seniors and for professionals who exercise a liberal profession. Several types of credits can be grouped with Best Bank: car credit, work credit, personal loan, mortgage…

Credit repurchase with Best Bank

Credit repurchase with Best Bank

For all borrowers anxious to optimize their budget, Best Bank is a specialist in the repurchase of credits. This operation consists of consolidating several loans held with competing financial institutions. A new single monthly payment then replaces all of the old small monthly payments.

With a single deadline and a single contact, individuals regain sound management of their expenses. What is more: having your debts redeemed reduces the amount of the monthly loan and thus regains purchasing power.

Good to know: if you take out a credit buyout offer with Best Bank, you can keep your current bank.

How do I file a credit buyback with Best Bank?

Best Bank has no physical network for the distribution of its credit buy-back offers. To discover the range of creditors’ products, to be advised, to file a credit repurchase file or to subscribe, you must contact the Best Bank account managers by phone.

If you are already convinced by the Best Bank offer and you want to file a credit buyback file with the provider, know that you will need various documents to prepare your file. You will need to collect identity documents, proof of income, charges, loans, proof of address and bank documents. Your advisor will not ask you for the same supporting documents depending on whether you have, for example, a mortgage or not among your loans to be raised. Your file will then be studied according to standard criteria for granting or not granting credit.

What are Best Bank credit repurchase rates?

To find out what loan repayment rates are used by Best Bank, you must contact the bank by phone and ask one of its advisers. When you file a credit repurchase file directly with a lending organization or via a broker, you assess with an adviser the repayment rate that can be applied to your future loan.

The repurchase rates of mortgage, consumer credit and agricultural credit are not the same. The more satisfactory your file is considered by the bank – that is to say the better your creditworthiness – the better and therefore the lower the reimbursement rates for loan repurchases.

How to make a credit buyback simulation with Best Bank?

How to make a credit buyback simulation with Best Bank?

There is no way for you to simulate a credit buyout with Best Bank and estimate your budget until you meet with a bank account manager or speak to an advisor over the phone.

It is with him, by communicating to him all the information he needs on your financial situation, your professional activity, your family situation, the number and characteristics of your loans, etc., that you will anticipate and evaluate in particular the rates of credit redemption applicable to your file or the duration of your loan.

Note that you can also simulate in any event your credit buyout from other lenders. It then becomes possible to compare all the loan repurchase rates that have been offered to you.

Best Bank Credit Buyout: Consumer Reviews

Best Bank Credit Buyout: Consumer Reviews

What opinion do Best Bank customers have on the lending institution? The customer service of the credit buy-back specialist is praised by the subscribers for the quality of their listening, their tailor-made advice and their responsiveness. Being able to benefit from an online customer area on the Best Bank website is also highly appreciated by Best Bank customers.

On the other hand, the low number of offers to buy back credit from the bank is criticized. Finally, even if it has been part of the Good Lender group in the past, the independence of the company does not always reassure customers and prospects.

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